Laura Hoeppner, Reiki Master and Founder of Soul & Flow

Laura Hoeppner, Reiki Master and Founder of Soul & Flow

May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. May your mountains rise into and above the clouds.
— Edward Abbey

Anything less than all of the above, wouldn’t have gotten me to this beautiful place. 

I wasn’t born with a feeling that I was a healer, meant to alleviate the pain and suffering of others, but after struggling with anxiety and the feeling of being “lost” throughout adolescence and into adulthood, I began on a quest for self-peace.  In healing myself, I discovered a deep desire to help heal others.

In my early twenties I started frequenting a Buddhist temple in my hometown, finding myself fascinated by the way monk’s meditation classes brought a sense of ease and peacefulness to my day. I lit up when surrounded by enlightened happy people. I also found myself drawn to the people who struggled just like me, partially taking comfort knowing that I wasn’t the only one dealing with these emotions. 

I kept my spiritual endeavors nearby as I dove into television producing but continued to grapple with stress and anxiety. After the end a long and stressful project accompanied by a long and painful breakup, a friend suggested I join a yoga teacher-training program. Yearning for change and for healing, I hung up my producer hat and jumped into a 6 week intensive program. After three days  I knew that this program was only the beginning for me. From yoga I grew, and dug deeper into my quest for spiritual understanding, eventually being introduced to Reiki.  I entered into a session with an LA based healer, Rachel Lang and was hooked. I hit my spiritual sweet spot.  Rachel offered to mentor me for level 1 Reiki and before I knew it I was finishing my second level of training and entering my third. I honed my craft by offering free services to friends, colleagues, family members, and anyone who would give me the chance to prove that I could help them with an achy back, a restless mind or a hurting heart.

Today I’m a certified Reiki Master, and I spent several hours a week working with an array of clients with a number of goals. Some want to feel better physically, and others are looking to treat the unbalanced mind. Still, some want to expand their consciousness to allow for clarity and deeper understanding of their surroundings. Whatever their concern, I always take the time to fully understand their goals in my session, and do everything I can accomplish that undertaking. I tailor each session completely to the individual I’m treating so every client has a very different and personal experience. My love for stones is often incorporated into my sessions as is the use of essential oils. Some clients take nicely to meditation music, while others enjoy guided chakra journeys. Whatever the need, I can create a session that leaves you feeling lighter, brighter and better than you when you stepped in the door.