Tap into your soul's flow...

Welcome to Soul & Flow! If you're here then you're curious about "this thing" called Reiki and the benefits associated with a  life-changing practice. 

Laura Hoeppner, Reiki Master and Founder of Soul & Flow 

Laura Hoeppner, Reiki Master and Founder of Soul & Flow 

Reiki has played an invaluable role in my own life healing much of my own pain and alleviating struggle.  The struggle is real, right?!

I started Soul & Flow to help others experience the physical and mental gains of this practice so that they can step into life feeling their strongest. From headaches to anxious minds, Reiki helps to alleviate these unwanted conditions and improve wellness. It really is a win-win. 

As a Reiki Healer/Master I work with my hands using a light touch to heal your affected chakras and charge them with positive radiant energy, leaving you on cloud-nine. 

Most Reiki healers have a method that makes their practice unique, and Soul & Flow is no different.  From my love of crystals to my affection for essential oils, I enjoy experimenting with different ways to make the experience as powerful as possible for you. In our sessions we might use specific stones to help balance your chakra systems and boost vibrations. Essential oils are another favorite Soul & Flow modality, as they assist in raising frequencies, and can help relieve physical pain.

Guided chakra journeys, chakra and light meditations are also a common staple at Soul & Flow. Of course we all have different needs, and therefore I strive to make each of your sessions unique and rewarding. Intuition and experience guide me through our sessions, to create a tailored experience that will leave you feeling balanced, rejuvenated and clear of blockages found in your chakras, that can create havoc on the body and mind.

Ok, so are you ready to clear out the clutter, get back that glow and let that beautiful soul flow? This site is packed with info for you to start and when you're ready, a quick way to book your sessions! You can even explore the idea of becoming a reiki practitioner yourself with Soul & Flow's Reiki Level 1, 2, 3 Trainings!  

I look forward to meeting you on this healing path and elevating your vibes,