First Timers FAQs

Below are a few steps to keep in mind before you arrive to have the best Reiki session possible:

- Relax

You’re about to enter a safe place. This is a great time to take a few breaths, close your eyes and hand your troubles over to your healer.

- Eat & hydrate

Before you enter your session be sure to drink water, and eat a meal or snack. This will prevent you from being distracted by hunger or thirst and allow for complete relaxation and peace.

- What to Wear:

  • Comfortable, loose clothing (Yoga pants or sweats)
  • Limited jewelry
  • No perfumes or colognes

During Your Reiki: Expect to feel calm and possibly fall asleep during your session from being completely and deeply relaxed. Remember this is normal and enjoy the peaceful rest! Some clients describe themselves as "falling into a dream like state of bliss." Isn't that nice? Above all this is your time to rest, restore and zone into your energy flow, enjoy this! 

Post Reiki Session Tips: 

Hydrate Round Two: 

Energy work can make you thirsty so be sure to drink at least one glass of water after your session. 

Eat Round Two: 

Energy work can get your appetite flowing. Listen to your body and treat it to a healthy snack or meal once your session is complete.